Gel & Gel Polish

Gels & Gel Polishes are fun to learn and play with! There are always new products, techniques and art to try. You can also be creative and invent your own. The possibilities are endless!

We are always asked "What is the difference between Gel & Gel Polish?"

The simple answer to that question is: Gel lasts 2-3 weeks & Gel Polish lasts 1-2 weeks.

The chemical compound of course is different, but they both cure under UV or LED light.

At La Mer Nail Institute, we carry several Gel & Gel Polish brands for students to explore and play with. Every brand has unique characteristics and pros & cons.

Since Gel & Gel Polish look very easy to apply, many people start doing their own, but improper application and removal can seriously & permanently damage the natural nail.

Besides the licensing course, we offer 1-Day class for Gel & Gel Polish. These classes are for people who want to learn to do their own nails or for family & friends. 1-Day classes are available on Saturday or Sunday of your choice.

The class includes a Gel or Gel Polish kit so you can start doing your nails the same day!

Please call 808.587.6155 or request application form from our Admissions page.