Safety & Health of Students & Salon Customers are our top priority

At La Mer Nail Institute, we are committed to practicing the proper sanitation & educating the public of laws & regulations regarding nail services. 

Here are some important laws & regulations to know:

  • Use of callus shaver or peeler is prohibited in the state of Hawai'i.
  • Nail technicians are prohibited from cutting or puncturing the living skin such as cuticles & removing callused skin, warts, corns, in-grown nails etc.
  • Nail technicians should not perform on a client whose nail or skin is infected, inflamed or swollen.
  • Nail technicians are not allowed to diagnose, treat or recommend treatments for infection, disease or abnormal conditions.
  • Clients cannot sign a waiver or verbally give a nail technician permission to disobey state or federal rules & regulations.
  • Nail technicians have the professional & legal obligation to protect consumers from harm by using proper infection control procedure.
  • Reusing implements without properly cleaning & disinfecting them is against the law in every state.
  • Each state has their own laws & regulations on nail practices.

You may contact or visit the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs website for additional information.