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Licensing Course

Upon successful completion of these courses, you will be qualified & prepared for the Hawai'i State Board Licensing Exam.

  • Nail Technician Training Course (350 hrs - State Requirement) - $4,050

    • Day Class: Mon - Fri 9 AM - 3:30 PM (2.5 month)

This course is designed to give students the up-to-date fundamental knowledge, advanced skills of Nail Technology in Japanese & American style, cosmetology laws & regulations along with intensive practical experience in our student salon to make them salon-ready.

  • Instructor Training Course (600 hrs - State Requirement) - $4,240

This course is designed to give licensed beauty operator the fundamental knowledge & skills of Beauty Instructors, which includes theory & practical hands-on training with students as well as lesson planning, teaching techniques, teaching aids & teaching development. You must be a licensed beauty operator with minimum of one-year experience.

*Price includes student kit. Tax not included.
*Monthly parking is available for students ($100/mo.)

Advancement Course

Customized advancement course for nail technicians or students to advance their skill.

  • Salon Experience (2 weeks~) - $250~

Refine your technical and customer service skill in our spa like student salon. Our dedicated instructors will be by your side to guide you and help you gain the confidence in a professional salon environment. 

  • Custom Course (1 day~) - $300~

You can customize the course to fit your needs of advancement. Please consult us for more info.

1-DAY Course

One-day course for self-care or learning the correct & most effective procedure to practice at the salon. Customized classes are available upon request. 10% discount is offered for groups of 2 or more & 15% discount for returning students.

  • Manicure (3 hrs) - $250

  • Pedicure (3 hrs) - $250

  • Mani & Pedi Massage (3 hrs) - $250

  • Nail Art (3 hrs) - $250

  • Licensing Exam Prep (3 hrs) - $400

For Licensed Beauty Operators only:

  • Acrylic (3 hrs) - $300

  • Gel Polish (3 hrs) - $300

  • Gel (3 hrs) - $300

  • Gel Art (3 hrs) - $300

*Tax not included.

Other Information

Upcoming Courses

ラ・メールネイルスクールのブログです。 学校での出来事や生徒さんの作品をアップしています。

ラ・メールネイルスクールのブログです。 学校での出来事や生徒さんの作品をアップしています。